Notice to Parents regarding Study at Home

Respected parents and dear students,

The current situation which has come upon us, is such that it is unpredictable, unavoidable and we need to come out of this together with support from both sides. We are experiencing situations which no one could imagine in our lifetimes. As the whole country is closed due to the shutdown, all work forces, businesses and schools are trying to reduce the effect by working remotely as efficiently as possible. Our concern at Navchetan is to make sure our students utilize this time effectively. Our main aim is that our students maintain a good routine even when the schools are shut. We have thus started engaging our students in home exercises that they can do at home along with their parents.

Please note that these are only our efforts keeping in mind the future of our young ones. As the whole world is brought to a standstill, our aim is to utilize this time at hand and learn what one couldn’t have learnt in the normal fast paced life.

We are sure you have concerns that some study topics are difficult to understand at home. We want to ensure you that our teachers are working very hard in these efforts but there is no replacement for students to be physically present in the school. We ensure you, that we will be covering these topics once the school reopens. Our current focus is to make sure our dear students stay in touch with their studies and learn as much as it is possible in the current setup.

In these times of social distancing, the one thing which can still maintain is social unity.