Vision & Mission

Our Vision

Navchetan upholds a vision of holistic development for pupils, providing them with quality education which help them become lifelong learners. Education system developed over the years in Navchetan ensures an education which can help students in all walks of life. The staff at Navchetan strives to imbibe in students, the love and respect of our cultural heritage and raise a responsibility among students  towards the society and country. We hold a vision of wholesome upbringing of younger generation by the means of high educational standards, play way techniques, physical and spiritual updating of knowledge and talent. With the vision of founding members, staff at Navchetan ensures to provide each student with not just the basic education but also an ample space and opportunities for them to excel in their fields.

Our Mission

Navchetan school was started with a small number of students, but with cooperation , love and affection of the neighbourhood and the need of such an institution in the rural area, number of students have progressed to about 1100. Management and qualified staff is working diligently to achieve its mission of building a generation which is educated in the fields of  social, environmental, national and global issues. The institution pursues to achieve its goals both horizontally and parallely by installing latest technology as well as keeping old teaching techniques alive. Navchetan aims to build a strong rooted tree which keeps bearing fruits for the neighbourhood in the times to come.