Assignment Collection


(For Classes 5th to 10th)

The last date to submit your work is 7th May 2020.

1. Best out of Waste and Hobby:

What is your hobby which you have been perusing in the past few weeks? Refer to assignment 1 for hobby ideas and ‘Best out of Waste’. Share your creations on the google drive below:

The best creations will be published on school website.

2. Story/Poem Writing:

Send the stories which you wrote for previous assignments.

  • Punjabi story on the theme ‘Fiction’ from Assignment 1
  • English story from Assignment 2
  • Punjabi poem from Assignment 3

Click pictures of your notebook and upload them to the google drive link:

3. Writing:

(3.1) Upload your responses for Assignment 1 questions 1,2,3,6.

(3.2) Upload your responses for Assignment 1 questions 1,2,3,6.



  • Make sure you rename your photo to a combination of your name and class e.g. if your name is Arshdeep Kaur and you are from class 10, name your photo as ArshdeepKaur_Class10. If not, make sure your name is visible on each page of your photos uploaded.
  • In case you are facing problems in uploading your photos, please get in touch with your class teacher.