Assignment 5

                              (Class 5-10)

1. You can still submit your previous assignments on the following google drive link:

The best creations will be published on school website.

2. Video Report:

Make a short video about 1 extinct animal and 1 animal from endangered species. Include the following points in your report:

  • Areas of habitat
  • Why they are endangered or extinct
  • Last sighting (for extinct species)
  • How many are left (for endangered species)

Video should not be more than 2 min and you have to be in your school uniform while reciting the report. You can send your written reports to your English/Hindi teachers if you need some help before recording the video.

Take care of the pronunciation and intonations while speaking.

Present your report in Hindi or English as per your choice.

3. Written Assignment (Punjabi):

Why should we wash hands for 20 seconds?

How do masks help us?

How will social distancing help us?

4. Self-Reliance:

Make a list of things you buy from market except for food items. Find one product that you can make at home with things you already have. Try to make one product and share with your classmates. Share the method and cost of the product.

Some examples that you can try are, floor cleaner, creams etc.