Assignment 1 – Routine Building

(For Classes 5th to 10th)

This assignment focusses on building a routine. You all must have been feeling low about being stuck at home, having little or no outdoor activities, Through this assignment we will be giving you some tasks you can do everyday to keep you occupied and a small sense of achievement. This assignment has some tasks for you to do everyday till the school reopens. The progress of these tasks are to be documented in your notebooks and will be checked by the teachers once the school reopens.

  1. Develop a hobby:
    In some countries it is mandatory for students to pick up a hobby while they are in school. It is known to be a remedy for stress. Many of you already have a hobby and now with this time in hand, make yourself a hobby journal. Set yourself small goals for each week and document your progress via writing or photos. At the end of this lockdown, you will present to the class your hobby and what you did in the past weeks on your hobby. As hobby suggestions you can take up, arts and craft, photography, gardening, cooking, exercise, calligraphy, origami, dancing, knitting, sewing, reading or anything you like.
  2. Best out of waste:
    Creating something useful from various waste items can be fun as well as an interesting activity to do while in a lockdown. Do create a few of these items which can be kept in an exhibition after the school opens. You can use newspapers, waste plastic bottles, yarn etc.
  3. Grow plants :
    During this time you can see how a seed can turn into a beautiful green plant. You can grow fruits or vegetables from the food you eat everyday. Think of what seeds are a part of your diet and show off your plants to your friends at the end of the shutdown.
  4. Enhance vocabulary:
    Learn 5 new english words everyday from the dictionary/internet and write two sentences per word.
  5. Cook one food item for your family atleast once a week:
    Document or try an old traditional recipie which is not very popular(if you can) or you can try out a recipie from another country. Don't forget to click the photos to show to your classmates when you meet.
  6. Story Writing:
    Who doesn't not like stories. While we have been reading so many stories since our childhood, its time for you to take the writer's hat and write a short story on your own. This week's theme is 'Fiction' and language of writing is Punjabi. Do not forget to give your story a fit title. Best story of the class will be awarded.
  7. Health: 
    Spend atleast half an hour on your health. Deep breathing exercises and yoga are recommended to fight against the COVID 19.