Assignment 2 – Week 2

(For Classes 5th to 10th)

1.      Logical/Creative Thinking and Writing: You are the head of your village and you are responsible for current COVID-19 emergency. What steps will you take to save your fellow citizens in addition to what government is already doing?

Write your response covering 3 sections

i.                 Problems in hand (e.g. testing, communication, medical help etc)

ii.                Steps to resolve the problems

iii.               Precautionary advice for the citizens


Try to think out of box as this is your thinking assignment.

2.      Case Study: There is a village named ‘Kamikatsu’ in Japan. Read why it is popular and write a short summary of your findings.

What can we learn from the city? Write your learnings in bullet points.

3.      Finance: Answer the following questions?

-        What are the types of bank accounts you can open in a bank?

-        What are insurance policies? Name 3 types of insurance policies along with their purpose.

-        What is tax and why do we have to pay taxes?

4.      Enhance vocabulary: Continue learning 5 new English every day and keep writing two sentences per word.
5.      Story Writing: Write a story on one of the following topics of your liking. This week’s language of writing is English.

-        Travel

-        Festival

-        City transformation

-        Indian Administrative Services

-         Agriculture

Give your story an appropriate title.

6.      Cultural History Write about one profession which your grandparents/parents have seen but it is not common or in practice anymore.

Write your response in Hindi.

7.      Health and Hobby:  How are your efforts for your health and hobby going from last week? Do not stop doing what you started in week one. Keep working on yourself.
Advisory: Try to divide your assignment such that you spend some time on this daily to finish these activities in one week.