Assignment 3 – Week 3

(For Classes 5th to 10th)

  1. Business Studies:

List three Indian Startup/Business companies which have become successful in the last 10 years. Write in detail about one of those five, which you like the most.

Include the following in your response: Business, Background, Achievement, and Inspiration for you.

  1. Case Study:

There is a country named ‘Rwanda’ in the continent of Africa. It is being called as the Singapore of Africa.

Why is it called so?

What was their history and how did they overcome their past?

What can we learn from them?

Write 5 sentences for each question.

  1. Agriculture:

Write 2 natural pesticides/insecticides which can be used for crops with their benefits.

If possible, find out if they are in use anymore, and if they are not used in farming anymore why not?

  1. Enhance vocabulary:

Continue learning 5 new English every day and keep writing two sentences per word.

  1. Poem Writing:

Try to write a short poem on one of the following topics of your liking. This week’s language of writing is Punjabi.

  • Nature
  • Festivals of India
  • Farming
  • Student life
  • Corona Virus

Give your poem an appropriate title.

  1. Cultural History:

Describe how your grandparents got married. Include details in your response such as, how their marriage was decided, where the ceremony took place, how many people were invited, etc.

  1. Health and Hobby: 

How are your efforts for your health and hobby going from last week? Do not stop doing what you started in week one. Keep working on yourself.

If you have made anything in these assignments, please upload the photos on google drive


Make sure you rename your photo to a combination of your name and class e.g. if your name is Arshdeep Kaur and you are from class 10, name your photo as ArshdeepKaur_Class10.


Advisory: Try to divide your assignment such that you spend some time on this daily to finish these activities in one week.